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No one wishes to be with a computer system that is not communicating with their printer. Nowadays everyone depends on the printer and computer system for their daily work. Epson Printer Offline is a generalized error faced by many users. The error must be solved as soon as possible to ensure the effective use of the printer. When you encounter the Epson Printer Offline issue, you can’t print the paper until you fix the issue. After fixing the error you can start printing from your Epson printer. The Epson Printer Offline error means you are failing to connect the laptop with your printer. 

The offline error in Epson Printer is also depicted. This failure has a host of causes. We include a comprehensive guide to solving this problem on the multiple troubleshooting techniques that help you resolve this error. This can arise mainly due to Windows printer misconfiguration or by Epson print errors. However, take the following steps to fix the issue with the printer and switch on Displays. We know that it is a real burden to get the Epson printer correct when you want to print a big paper. 

Nobody wants to be with the Epson printer that fails to connect with their respective system. Here we share a few quick bits with you on how to fix the Epson printer offline error and get back to your work. All the steps or methods that are mentioned by us are simple and you do not require to offer any type of hard work. Be smart, follow our guidance, and resolve the Epson printer offline error in no time:-

How To Fix If Epson Printer is Offline Problem

1- Update the New version of the printer driver

Many users get the Epson printer offline error message due to the old version of their Printer Driver. You may have doubt, what is a printer driver? It is a program that transforms details into a format that can be understood in the printer.

Your printer would display a message with the subject “Epson printer is offline” while using an Older version of Printer Driver. This means you need to update the printer driver, to update the driver with Driver Easy, you must take the following steps. 

The Driver Easy is a program that selects the right driver on your computers and decides them. Automatically unlocks the driver on your computer. Now, after understanding points about the Driver Easy program, you need to go through the following points to fix the Epson printer offline error:-

  • Open the device, launch the web browser as per availability, and download the Drive Easy program.
  • Once, the program is downloaded, you need to Install the Drive Easy software in your respective device.
  • During the installation process, you need to offer some required permission.
  • Once the installation process is completed, launch the Drive Easy program.
  • Now, tap on the Scan Now tab. The scanning process will take some time, you need to keep patience. After the scanning process, the Driver Easy will inspect the device and extricate the causes behind it.
  • For a free version user, they need to tap on the Update tab. The tab is available next to the Printer Driver icon.
  • Connect your system with the home network and you do not need to take the stress. The updated version will be automatically downloaded and installed.
  • However, if you are a PRO VERSION user then you need to tap on the Update All tab. It is present at the bottom of the computer screen. The updated version will be automatically downloaded and installed. Once the updated version is installed, you simply need to restart the device and try to make a connection.

2- Move back to default settings

In case, after updating the Driver, you still encounter the same issues then you must try to revoke the existing settings to default one. This method may resolve the Epson printer offline error. For this, you need to follow the below steps:-

  • Hold the Windows and R keys at a time for a few seconds.
  • The Run dialog box will appear on your computer screen.
  • Take the cursor on the Control Panel tab and click on the Enter tab.
  • Choose the Devices and Printers option. You will get it under the Control Panel option.
  • A new window will appear, where you need to follow the following steps:-
    • Right-click on the Epson printer.
    • Tap on the See what is printing option.
  • Now, Select the Printer option from the toolbar and expand it. 
  • Untick the Use Printer Offline option, if it does have a tick mark. 
  • Tap on the Printer option and scroll down. You need to find the default printer option and tap on it.

3- Reinstall the Epson Printer on your devices

  • Press the Windows and R Key simultaneously to open the Run box. Input “MSC” in the Run box and tap on the Enter key.
  • Take the cursor on the Printers option and right-click on it. You will be redirected to the Device Manager window. Take the cursor on the Epson Printer option and tap on the Uninstall tab. You will get the option from the popup menu.
  • Open the Devices and Printers option, scroll down, and tap on the Add a Printer option. Now, in the dialog box, you are able to add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer. Attach your Epson printer by adding the driver software and restart the system. Now, you may be able to take the printout.

In case, all the above steps are unable to fix your concern then turn off the router and your device, wait for a few minutes and restart it. If the issues took place due to the variable internet connection then it will be fixed automatically by following this step. 

However, if you were still unable to gain your favorable outcome then the issue may be associated with the printer. You simply unplug it from the power source, disconnect all the attachments, wait for ten to fifteen minutes, and restart it. 

These are the steps that will help you to fix the error, though, if you are still getting the “Epson printer is offline” message then contact the officials of Epson by dialing their customer service number.

What is the Epson printer offline solution for windows 10?

Many users are looking for solutions on the Epson printer offline windows 10 issue. For them, we prepared a simple step guide by which they can fix the issue effortlessly:-

  1. Tap on the Windows 10 and press the Start button.
  2. Select the Device Manager. On the next window, you need to select the Devices and Printers option.
  3. Right-click on the Epson printer, select the printer option, Untick or disable the Use Printer Offline option, set the settings to default.
  4. Once the Epson printer comes online, you will be able to print your required documents.
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