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Epson is a well-known brand in the printer market. Thousands of users go with the Epson printer for their day to day activity. Many choose Epson printers for their reputation, goodwill, simple interface, and 24/7 customer service. However, in recent times, it is noted that the Epson printer is not printing properly due to several factors.

If your Epson printer is not printing properly then you need to search for the main reason behind it. The error reason will help you to gain the solution for your question “why does Epson printer not print and how to fix an Epson printer that won’t print”.

The best solution to solve an issue is to visit the core of the existing reason. Don’t worry, in this article, we will try to cover all the content on the topic “Epson printer, not printing”. After going with the article, solving the error will be like cherries on the cake. 

Be smart and go through the article and you are able to solve the error without encountering any uncertainties. Happiness is an emotion, not a tragedy. 

So keep calm, go through the article and try to find your question’s answer “why does Epson printer not print and how to fix an Epson printer that won’t print”.

Why does the Epson printer not print properly?

The reason behind the printing error is indefinite. Some causes are mentioned below, however, it is quite impossible to find the accurate reason behind the printing error, so carefully go through it and find the causes behind such errors:-

1- Weak Internet Connection

You may face an issue if you are operating your printer work with a weak internet connection. The improper internet connection will dislodge the printer from the working or operating state.

2- Issue with the Printer settings

Sometimes due to the faulty settings, the user may fail to take a printout from the Epson printer. In such times, users get scared and try to find the solutions like “why is my Epson printer not printing”. One of the reasons behind this may be related to the printer settings and authenticity of credentials.

3- Overflow of Ink

Many times it is noted that if the printer ink Cartridges have the issue and due to physical or internal factors the ink is overflowing or under flowing then you will face Epson printer not printing issue.

You are not permitted to print with the overflowing ink and the feeling is unfunctional. The printer can not read the paper and is handwritten because the ink is not available.

4- Paper Jam

If it has a paper jam incident, the printout can not be taken from your Epson printer. The problem with paper jams means that paper is trapped in the head or paper box of the printer. 

The printer can not read the paper and is handwritten because the ink is not available. It means you won’t be able to take prints if your printer has an issue with the paper jam, so the paper case doesn’t scan the document correctly and doesn’t enable you to turn the printer off.

How to fix an Epson printer that won’t print?

Yearning to boost the performance of the Epson printer, however, it does not wish to contribute time and energy then go for the solution provided by us. When you get the error message and your Epson printer not printing then go for the following solution:-

Clear all the ongoing task and programs

  1. Press and hold the power button to Switch ON your respective devices.
  2. When you are on the home screen of your computer, simply tap on the Windows key + R key concurrently.
  3. A new box will appear on the screen where you need to input services.MSC then tap on the Enter tab.
  4. Search the Print Spooler option. When you get the option simply right-click on it.
  5. Tap on the Stop option. Move to the home screen and visit the File Explorer option.
  6. Look for the address bar and in the search bar, you are required to input the “%windir%System32spoolPRINTERS” keyword.
  7. A new folder appears on your screen, deletes all the files, and closes the window.
  8. Move to the Print Spooler service option and right-click on the mouse.
  9. Press the Start option and set the option to Automatic. After selecting the option, click on the OK tab.

Restart the printer

  1. Open the computer device and make a perfect connection between the Epson printer and the Computer system.
  2. Try to take the printout for confirmation of the smooth running of the printer. However, if the system fails to take the sample print out then move to the third step.
  3. You just have to click the power button and unplug all wires from the power outlet in order to turn off your Epson printer.
  4. You have to wait for a few minutes for unplugging the cables. Once, unplug the cables then you simply require to wait for at least 10 minutes.
  5. Next, when the specified minutes over, simply connect all wires to the power source point.
  6. To enable the enrolled computer to push the Printer Power button and the control screen.
  7. The reset process helps to correct Epson’s printer fault and allows you to take the printout.

Perform the reinstallation of the Epson printer

  1. Press the Start button after restarting your Epson printer. To restart your printer, you simply need to press the power button.
  2. You must locate the route to the Control Panel option on your computer screen.
  3. To enter the Control Panel segment you need to hold the Windows button and the R button at a time. Only switch to the Printers and Equipment option now.
  4. Expand the Control Panel option and simply tap on the Printer and device option.
  5. Under the option, when you get the Epson Printer tab then take the mouse cursor on the Uninstall option.
  6. You will be asked by the automated command “if you wish to uninstall it or not”.
  7. To confirm your option, select the YES tab or if not then click the alternative option.
  8. Reboot the whole device, unplug all the cables, and wait at least five minutes.
  9. Next, turn the printer on with making the connection with the computer and your printer device. From now on, when the mistake is corrected, you can print the document.

Ink Cartridges

  1. From the Start menu, look for the Settings option. Once you get the option and tap on it.
  2. Choose the Devices option and expand it to find the Printers and scanners option.
  3. You will get the Epson printer tab under it, choose it.
  4. Select the Printing Preferences option then tap on the Maintenance tab.
  5. Now, tap on the Epson Status Monitor 3.
  6. Check the Ink cartridges and change the ink if required. Maximum times, it is noted that old cartridges always cause problems.

Note:- It might be an obsolete cartridge that the printer does not recall, moreover, prints are blocked by air or ink when the nozzles are blocked. To de-log the blockage, you simply need to use the pin or a window cleaner.

Delete the printer driver and reinstall it from the official medium

When all the solutions are unable to fix the error and your Epson printer is not printing properly then try to delete the driver and install a new updated driver. Change is constant, so follow the below steps and get your functional updated driver:-

  1. Press and hold the power for a while to restart the Epson printer.
  2. Unlock the system by inputting your login or administrative credentials.
  3. On the home screen, click on the Start icon, and in the search bar, you need to input “MMC” as a keyword.
  4. Next, click on the search icon to visit the Microsoft Management Console section.
  5. Check the file and remove the desired program. TO complete the deletion process, you simply need to move to the printer section, select your device, and follow the on-screen instruction.
  6. Restart the device and connect it to a stable internet connection. Once the stable connection is made, launch your preferred web browser and visit the official website of Epson.
  7. On the website, you need to search the latest version of the driver, always keep a thought in mind that the version must be compatible with your device.
  8. Once you find the compatible version then simply click on the Download tab. The downloading process will start on your device, you will get the file once the downloading process will finish.
  9. You will get notified when you get the updated version of the driver. 
  10. Following that, you need to complete the installation process, for that, you simply need to press the Install tab by offering all the required permission. 
  11. Once the driver is installed, try to take a sample printout to check whether the issue still exists or not.

Set the printer setting to Default

  1. Open your system and launch the Start menu.
  2. Move to the Settings section then choose the Devices option. 
  3. Expand the option and tap on the Printers and scanners tab.
  4. Under the Printers and scanners option, you need to choose your Epson printer.
  5. Tap on the Manage option and Set the settings to default.

Some Important And Brief Notes:- 

  • Always untick the Let Windows manage my default printer box. 
  • It will let the system search the recent printer and help you to complete the process effortlessly. 
  • If your Epson printer is not printing and you are still encountering the issue then try the troubleshooting process.
  • The troubleshooting steps are mentioned in one of our articles, visit the article Epson Printer Troubleshooting and implement the steps to complete the troubleshooting process. 
  • The troubleshooting process will let you resolve the issue and allow you to take the sample printout.

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