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Epson printer drivers

Drivers play a major role in the life of a printer. Without the Epson printer drivers, you can not print anything from your printer. However, you simply need to update the Epson printer drivers at a regular interval. When you purchase a new printer, you need to download Epson printer drivers, you can do it for free of charge. 

When you get the Epson printer, first, you need to install the printer on your respective device. Many people thought that the installation process was very hard and required potential knowledge. However, it is an unfounded fear and shibboleth, for installing the Epson printer drivers on Windows 10, you simply need to have accurate steps.

To resolve your concern, we have prepared some simple steps by following them. You are able to install the printer on any device with ease. No matter which system you use, you can install the printer on your respective device. In this article, we will guide you with various steps for the Window and Mac. 

For installing the Epson printer drivers on your MAC or  WINDOWS, you simply need to go through the following points. You have to connect your printer to the network in order to access it from your computer before beginning the installation. Follow the steps in your manual guide to monitor your printer and connect it to the network.

Install the Epson Printer on your Windows

Following are the steps presented by us that will help you to Install the Epson Printer on your Windows device:-

  1. First, you simply need to switch ON your printer, for that, you need to press and hold the Power button.
  2. The reboot process will take some time, and once you are on the home screen, you need to launch your preferred web browser to visit the official website of Epson.
  3. Now you need to look for the Windows version, while checking always review the version number of the Epson printer.
  4. Download the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility file. To install the required file, you need to offer the required permission. To offer permission, you need to mark down the agreement box then tap on the Next tab.
  5. Now, you need to dive in for selecting the product and after selecting your product, tap on the Next tab.
  6. Choose the Printer Registration and once you completed the selection process then tap on the Next tab.
  7. Tick the Agree box and tap on the Next tab.
  8. The system will show you details about the device registration status then you simply need to tap on the OK option.
  9. After the successful registration process, you are able to create a new account and complete the sign-in process. Once the sign-in process is completed, tap on the Close tab.

Install the Epson Printer on your Mac

Following are the steps presented by us that will help you to Install the Epson Printer on your Mac device:-

  1. Press and hold on your Epson printer Power button and turn ON the printer.
  2. The reboot process will take some time, after that, you need to start with your favorite web browser and try to access the Epson’s official website.
  3. On the website, Scan the Mac version and always get the updated and latest version of the Epson printer.
  4. Download the Configuration files of the Epson Printer for your Mac device. You must have the requisite consent to install the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility file. You must mark the agreement box and press the next tab in order to offer the approval.
  5. Now, you have to tap on the Next tab for selecting your device, and once you find your printer then select it.
  6. Pick the registration of the Printer and turn on the next tab as you finish the selection process. While completing the registration process, you need to press the Next tab by marking the Agree box. The computer registration system will display information, and then you should simply tap on the Yes option.
  7. Now, you can build a new account or complete the registration process by offering login details about the existing account. Once the login process is complete, simply press the Close tab.

Epson printer driver installation process

To function properly and accurately, the Epson printer requires authorized drivers. You will easily get the Epson printer drivers for windows 10 and Epson printer drivers for mac from the official website.

To install them, we will offer you two simple methods, one is Manual and the other is Automatic. Many people ignore the role of the printer, however, without the printer, you will fail to utilize the printer. It can lead to issues if the driver is old or inaccurate.

Manual Installation process

  • You need to look for the authorized driver for your respective Epson printers and device you use.
  • To get the proper driver for your printer, you will require to visit the official support web page of Epson.
  • Find the appropriate drivers according to the model of the device. When you download the updated driver, be sure about the windows version with respecting all essential and required factors.
  • Once you get the required file, click on the download option, and the file downloading process will start automatically.
  • You will get notified, once the updated and new version driver is downloaded on your system. You simply need to offer all the required permission and follow the instructions mentioned on your screen.

Note:- However, many users lack knowledge of the advanced computer system. Some users also lack the patience and time, for all them, we offer you an automatic installation process. Go through the below paragraph and you will succeed to install the updated driver on your respective system.

Automatic Installation process

The Driver Easy tool senses and selects the best drivers for your respective device automatically, you do not need to burn your sweat. You don’t have to know exactly what your device is going through, you don’t have to look for the software, you do not have to offer any command, and you don’t have to fear you were wrong in upgrading everything. The tool will automatically detect the appropriate driver for your device and install them effortlessly.

The Driver Easy tool is available in two ways, you can go for the pro version, it is a paid version. However, if you do not want to invest money then go for the free version. The paid version has some exclusive perks but always choose wisely according to your financial status.

The steps are easy, you need to download the Driver Easy tool, offer necessary permissions, and install it. Once the file is installed, simply choose the plan, pay the fees (if you choose the paid version), on the homepage, tap on the scan button, the system will scan your system, and offer you the required feedback.

Once you get notified, simply click on the Update all box. The device will download the updated version and install it efficiently. In case you are looking for assistance, you can communicate with the customer service expert.

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