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Disney Plus Error Code 39

The subscribers of DisneyPlus report that error 39 code is frequently occurring on their devices when they stream any content. This type of error is ascertained to occur with devices involving PC, Android, Xbox One, and so on.

The code usually implies the streaming service expects a steady connection, and the setup of your streaming device is not able to deliver it. The issue might be with the HDMI cable or the television that is hindering a secure HDMI.

When the error code 39 appears, you will generally see this message:-

“We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Disney+ Support.”

What Causes the error 39 code on Disney Plus?

There are different causes and sometimes completely out of our control. 

  • Failing copy protection check.
  • Corrupt data.
  • HDMI is not supported.
  • Excess temp files on consoles.
  • In-game recording device.

How do I fix the error code 39 on Disney Plus?

Go through the below steps of instructions carefully so that you can easily fix the error 39 on your own.

  1. Try to load the video a second time:

    Sometimes it happens when you open any videos for the first time on DisneyPlus it starts with an error code but if open for the second time the error is gone. This is only because of some glitches occurring on your device may it be Android or Xbox devices. You can also refresh the page and try streaming the contents. Thus, this helps in fixing the error.

  2. Switch off the PC Xbox streaming app:

    If you are streaming DisneyPlus on your Windows 10 Xbox application then shut down and tap the close button of the app. Now restart the app of Disney Plus or the Xbox One. If you stop streaming from Xbox to the PC then the error 39 code won’t be popping up on the screen. 
    This step is only applicable if you see the error code 39 on Xbox One while trying to stream DisneyPlus.

  3. Use a different streaming device:

    When you use an Xbox One console for streaming DisneyPlus this error will surely occur on it. But the code also arises on Smart TV and also different devices. You need to use a different device to stream videos.
    If this solution works then the problem is with Xbox one or the device that activated the code 39.

  4. Use another HDMI port:

    Try using another HDMI port if the previous port is causing error 39. Check each port and detect which port functions. If any one works this means that port is linked properly.  Keep the device connected and it will work as usual.

  5. Try another HDMI cable:

    You need to use a different HDMI cable, check if the issue is solved. The cable should be of good quality, not extremely long, and supports 2.1 HDMI. Plug the cable to on mode if the cable is useful to you.

  6. Use an HDMI to HDMI cable:

    Your device will be at risk if using HDMI cable converters such as HDMI to VGA Cable. Transfer to a standard HDMI Cable which has on the both ends HDMI connectors. Plug the pointer to the port of HDMI on the tv, projector or monitor.

  7. Switch off the television and power cycling it:

    Remove the plug for some time and then put back the plug to the power board. If the error did not resolve then attempt the power cycling method on the streaming device as well as the television at same time. If this process works then you need to repeat it again in future if HDMI fails to do so.

  8. Uninstall and reinstall again the DisneyPlus wyapp:

    You need to remove the app from the device and perform power cycling. Shut down and remove the plug for a few minutes and then plug it. Next switch the power to on mode. Now reinstall the application and check if the issue has been resolved.

  9. Try another television:

    If the television that used for streaming is not working try another one. Try checking if the error persists in the other device while using. Old gadgets do not function or support a new HDMI version for secure connection that causes the error 39.

  10. Remove the plug and any video capture device if installed:

    You need to remove the plug and uninstall the device of video capture if you are using it for recording videos or streaming games. These gadgets activate the error 39 code and hinders from streaming on Disney Plus.

  11. Xbox One factory reset:

    Check whether Disney Plus functions with the same HDMI cable and same television when linked to a different device.

    If it works then reset the Xbox One. Select the option “Reset and keep my games & apps” to prevent losing any data. Once completing the procedure of Factory Reset, uninstall the Disney Plus application and reinstall again.

You need to do this step at your own risk and only applicable if there is a streaming trouble on your Xbox One.

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