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Fix Error Code 43 On Disney Plus

The error 43 code is a playback error of Disney Plus that is affected by network connectivity or an issue with availability. When the servers do not reach the web player or the app, the error appears on your screen. If you play any show that is removed from the servers this gives rise to the error code. Fixation of the issue can be done by mending issues with the network connectivity that you had formerly and the latter will be solved if Disney brings the content back sometime in the future.

When the error arises the message will show up on the screen:-

“We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney Plus Help Center.”

What is the reason for the error code 43 on DisneyPlus?

The error on Disney Plus reflects a content availability problem or connectivity issues. The common problem of this code is an issue with the connectivity and the least common cause is the availability of content, which nearly signifies the movie you are attempting to watch is not supported by the servers.

What are the solutions to fix the error 43 code on Disney Plus?

Go through the fixes to resolve the issue and watch streaming on the app.

1. Load the content once again

Your device might face a glitch and this error is temporary. You need to refresh the page and play the video one more time and that’s it the video will start playing.

2. Stream another video

When you play any videos it might not play so, in that case, open another video if the other content starts playing then your device has no issue with the app. The video you want to watch is removed from the app. Also, contact customer service to know the date or period when the content will be available.

3. Choose a compatible device

Always check that the device you are using is compatible with the DisneyPlus app. Older gadgets are not supported to stream on the app. For DisneyPlus, go for the compatibility list which will guide you to select the suitable device and you can also know if the device is compatible or not.

4. Restart the app

If the devices stop in the middle of any video and cause the error the one thing which is quite beneficial to do is to restart the app. It solves many problems and solving the error code 43 is one such. After restarting itself you need to run the DisneyPlus app to check if the code persists.

5. Shut down and Restart the device

The device you are using to stream should be shut down properly and then restart the device. After the completion of the process, check whether the code appears or not. 

6. Verify the stability and the internet connection speed

Use the device where the code appears to examine the Internet speed test.

Disney Plus approves an internet connection:-

  • High Definition content: 5.0+ Mbps
  • 4K UHD content: 25.0+ Mbps

You can also reach the ISP to help and guide you if the speed is not enough to load contents.

7. Other streaming apps

If code 43 hinders or blocks you from streaming on Disney Plus then try for other apps like Hulu, Roku, or Netflix. If the apps do not function then you need to check the internet connectivity because the problem lies in it.  Fix the connection and stream to check if the issue is resolved.

8. Clear the cookies and cached data

Your web browser might not permit you to stream on the app if the cache data is not cleared. So, first, you need to clear the cache data but make sure you have the option to clear the cache otherwise you have to uninstall the app.

Here are the specific procedures for Roku users:-

  • From the Remote go to the Home button and Press on it.
  • Next, tap the Home tab five times.
  • After that, tap the Up once, Rewind twice, and then the button Fast Forward twice.
  • By following the steps the cache data will be cleared and Roku will restart for say in 30 seconds.

9. Signing out from the Disney Plus app

After trying the above 8 fixes if your problem is not solved then normally try to sign out from the website or the mobile app. Sometimes the credential issue can cause you the error code. After a few minutes, sign in the back thus this will fix the issue.

10. Check the status of the billing

In some cases, the billing status will be the cause for the error 43 code. Make sure that the data entered in the Disney Plus account is correct. If any issue and unable to figure out the problem you can contact customer care to get the status of your billing and ensure that the payments are regular and the account is active.

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