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Disney Plus Error Code 73

Error Code 73 on DisneyPlus is an error that reveals the video you are accessing is not available in your region. This code emerges when the location data from the Internet Service Provider or your phone location notifies that the servers of Disney Plus are in the unsupported area. This issue is normally caused by utilizing a VPN or virtual private network while residing in an unsupported region or in a supported country.

When your try playing any videos you can confront the message on your screen. “DisneyPlus is only available in certain regions. Depending on where you are located, you may not be able to access DisneyPlus.”

Why the error 73 code occurs on Disney Plus?

When you reside in the area where Disney Plus servers do not give access to stream any contents you will face the error code 73 on your device. Make sure to check the location before trying to watch videos on Disney+.

Many users use VPN to change the location because the location you are living in is restricted and then the device will show the error code. But if DisneyPlus is accessible but you see the code 73 then this is due to the VPN which is also stated as the root cause of this type of error.

How can I fix the Error Code 73 on Disney Plus?

Many users of Canada complain that they are in the region where DisneyPlus is accessible but still appearing the error code which quite frustrating.  

Here are a few solutions to help you out to solve the issues:-

1. Click at the Video one more time

Sometimes we do not play the video for the second time because it showed an error the first time when played. This might be a temporary issue that can be solved if you refresh the page and play the video again. In some cases, when there is a poor network it does not recognize the server leading to cause the error.

2. Disable your VPN

When you try to change or disguise your location with a VPN to watch unrestricted contents then the error code occurs. Tap on the VPN to disable it and use your mobile data instead. Now try to open the app and play any video to see if the error occurs.

3. Use different VPN

If you are in a country where DisneyPlus is unsupported try to use a different VPN. Some are good as they cannot be detected easily.

4. Check the IP address

Sometimes the issue is with the ISP that indicates the location is not supported. So, check the IP address because it is linked with the region and the home country. If the ISP is not connected and you are not using any VPN then contact the ISP.

At the router level, some VPNs are installed. If you are not the router owner, then request the individual in charge if VPN has been used. You need to request to change to a different one or disable the VPN to fix the error.

5. Check the location

Ensure that Disney Plus is accessible around the area you live in. Go to the Disney Plus official page and check the availability. If your location or region is not on the list, this is the cause for the error to occur.

6. Enable location services

Always enable the location when you want to use DisneyPlus because this app requires location to know the exact locality. When you use a mobile phone you need to switch on the location to avoid error 73. If the device location is disabled, DisneyPlus will not recognize the location you are located in though the country supports the app.

7. Use Disney Plus other connection

If your phone displays the error 73 code you can use your PC to stream on DisneyPlus with your home network. If you are streaming on the computer then use the mobile data to watch on the DisneyPlus app.

If the above fixes do not work and you are already in a supported region, then contact the customer team of DisneyPlus for assistance.

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