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Disney Plus Error Code 42

DisneyPlus is an app where you can watch many different shows but sometimes when you try streaming videos it starts with an error 42 message:

“We’re sorry; we’re having trouble connecting you to the service. Please check to see that you are still connected to the internet and try again.”

If the internet servers of Disney have some problem then you need to wait till the issue resolves itself. There are solutions available to fix the error on Disney Plus like troubleshooting the Internet connection and restarting the device. Before you try any hacks to solve the issue, try playing the content for a second time as it might be a temporary cause in the connection.

Different devices like Roku, Lg TV, Amazon Fire TV, Hulu Tv, Blu-ray Disc players, Netflix, and game consoles face the error code while streaming videos on DisneyPlus.

Why does code 42 occur on Disney Plus?

Your device might have an issue connecting the servers thus confronting the error 42 on Disney Plus.

There are different reasons:-

  • The issue with the streaming device.
  • Your internet connection is poor and unstable.
  • Disney’s servers are overpowered.

When an excessive number of users try streaming Disney Plus at a time the server gets over-burden, similarly when a new episode drops. If you are attempting to watch in 4K, the web connection may not be sufficient to stream in Ultra HD. You simply need to sit tight for the team of Disney to fix the issue.

How can I fix the error code 42 on Disney Plus?

Go through the points carefully to fix the error that occurred on Disney Plus:

  1. Restart the streaming device:

    In the first case switch off the device and remove the plug from it. Wait for a couple of seconds and then put the plug back in. Wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. After restarting the device if there is an issue it will clear out the data stored that could be hindering the application of Disney Plus.

    You can also use different devices to check whether the issue is with the internet connection or any particular device.

  2. Log out of Disney Plus:

    You can sign in to the account of Disney Plus but the error 42 code blinks on the screen while streaming. So, you need to go to the web browser and open the Settings of Disney Plus and select the option to Log out from all devices. After that sign-in on all the devices, you logged out.

  3. Try resetting the router and modem:

    If the Wi-Fi connection has some issue then power cycling the modem and router will resolve it. Remove the plug of the network hardware for say 30 seconds and then plug it back to the modem before connecting the router again.

  4. Test the speed of your internet:

    The connection used for streaming content should be adequate. If the speed of the connection is sufficient but your device blinks the error code then just remove the other devices connected to the Wi-Fi that may be taking over bandwidth.

  5. Clear the cache from your browser:

    When you surf anything on your browsers it saves some temporary data which helps to load faster if repeatedly visited. But those files might be the root cause for the error occurring on your device. Delete the cache cookies from the browser so that you can stream the contents.

  6. Update the router’s firmware:

    The Wi-Fi router operating should be the most modern and new version of the firmware. If you keep the router updated then you can get the better internet speed  that you paid for.

  7. Change the DNS server settings:

    ISP or Internet Service Provider allocates the devices on the network as a default server of DNS that interprets hostnames to IP addresses. Dozens of unrestricted and public DNS servers are available and switching to that might get better internet connections.

  8. Reinstall the Disney Plus application:

    You have tried the above fixes but nothing worked for you. The internet you are using is also strong and stable and other apps are working fine. In this case the only thing you can do is uninstall the app and reinstall it again. This will sort out the errors that block you from streaming on Disney Plus

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