Fix Error 70 On DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now has been continuously interrupted by Error Code 70. You cannot watch a single video on the channel because of the error.

You need to find the solution for the error but before that, you should be aware of the causes. What is the reason behind the error? It might be the internet connection, the device is full of corrupted cache, or the main issue is with the Amazon Fire TV that might be affecting and causing the error.

What are the causes for the “Error 70” on DirecTV Now?

We have listed a few of the causes so that you can easily sort out the issue and fix it.

i) Corrupt Cache:-

The most common cause is the corrupted cache. When the configuration is launched it’s cached by the TV in order to reduce the loading times and also the user’s experience smoothens. But as time progresses the configuration is corrupted leading to rising of the error code 70. If you wish to watch Animal Planet on Directv Now but constantly getting error code 70 this is due to a corrupted cache.

ii) Internet is not Stable:-

The other cause for the error code is an unstable internet connection. As all of us know that the internet is not always stable in some regions and so the error occurs to your Directv Now.

iii) Amazon Fire Stick:-

Amazon Fire TV can also cause Directv Now to show up the error code. The gadget can be glitched and interrupts the streaming process. The internet connection needs to be reliable in order to run any content if you want to fix the error.

iv) Blackout:-

You are watching an intense match on a sports channel but after some time the error 70 pops up. This is because management has decided to stop the telecast of the event. You may face blockage while watching content and so the error shows up on your screen.

How can we fix the Error Code 70 -373 on DirecTV Now?

We need to fix the error so that users can start watching Directv Now as before.

i) Power Cycling your Devices

We use our devices but always forget to maintain the device which leads to the error. If we power-cycling our devices then it will help the Directv now to clear the corrupted cache present on it by discharging the inactive electricity of the memory modules. You do not need to worry about the device operating because there is not any impact on the functionality of your device.

The steps involved in power-cycling the device are as follows:-

  1. Remove the plug of the internet router, as well as the TV plug, also need to be removed from the power source. This is an important point for your security.
  2. Now, keep pressing the “Power” button for 15 seconds of the devices.
  3. After that, put back the plugs to their respective sources and then proceed to press the Power tab again.
  4. After some time the device will be turned on.
  5. Now check if the issue is resolved with this small technique of power-cycling.

ii) Clear the Amazon Fire Stick Cache

You can fix the error code occurring on Directv with the help of Fire Stick. You need to clear the data and cache of the app. The login details will be cleared but the contents will remain as it is.

Here are the instructions you need to be followed:-

  1. Go to the homepage and then head to the Settings option.
  2. Next, click on the Apps button.
  3. Then, choose the “Manage Installed Apps” tab.
  4. Now, pick the “DirecTV Now” app option.
  5. After that hit the “Clear cache” and “Clear data” options. This will clear your data and also the cache that was causing the error.
  6. Now reinstall the app and see if the issue still persists.

iii) Checking for Blackout

If the error still occurs on your device prohibiting you from watching any show or movie then this might be due to blackout. The providers are purposely stopping the telecast of the programs. These blackouts can be seen when there are maintenance breaks or in some cases the stoppage on the entertainment from the providers’ edge. You need to check online if other people also have the same problem. Also, ring the helpline number to contact the service provider in order to make it clear that there is no issue with them.

If you follow the instructions carefully, surely you can fix the error 70 occurring on Directv Now.

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