How do I fix DirecTV error 771?

DirecTV is encountering the error code 771 on a daily basis, sometimes on local channels. Frustratingly searching for ways to fix the error 771.

  • While you decide to watch any show the error code appears only on one receiver. 
  • You will not get any signals as there is a problem connecting with the dish.

Reason To Facing error code 771 On Your DirecTV

Let’s have a look at the causes for the 771 error to occur on your DirecTV:-

  • Terrible Weather:

Sometimes the weather is the cause for the error to occur. The connection between the dish and the satellite may be lost because of the extreme climate affecting the communications.

In such situations, you cannot do anything rather than waiting for the climate to improve its conditions naturally.

  • During the Outage:

Some users complained that the error occurs due to infrastructure changes made by AT&T, the servers will be in offline mode, or technical problems influencing the users in the region. In this case, you are required to call a technician to solve the error.

  • An incorrect receiver or satellite connection:

The error code 771 pops each time you start to stream any channel. This is due to an incorrect connection that affects the receiver to the satellite. 

You can fix the issue by accomplishing a cycle of verifications to assure that the cables connected are not hindered and no obstacles are resulting in code 771 error.

  • Firmware inconsistency:

In case the weather is good or the connection is placed at the best position then the problem is the firmware. DirecTV with the old version tends to forget the connection attached to the dish. In order to fix the error, you need to use the remote to send the signal to prompt the dish to respond.

  • Inaccurate dish setting:

While setting the Dish you need to be sure that it’s not blocked by any object. If there is a blockade then the connection between dish and satellite will be hampered. If the dish is not under the clear sky then call the DirecTV agent and request for a technical department to come over for assistance.

What are the fixes for the Directv error code 771?

Since you know about each possible reason for the error code 771, here is a list of suitable fixes that other users have verified to be powerful enough in relieving the error 711 DirecTV in their situations. 

1. Check during Outage period:

Before you start investigating the inner conditions of DirecTV, you need to first check the climate outside.

The common cause for the 711 error on DirecTV is the bad weather in your locale.

The dish and the satellite connection in your area might be affected or the AT&T may be facing technical problems which resulted in the error on DirecTV occurring.

If you doubt that AT&T is facing an outage period presently, then you need to check the DirecTV listing on the DownDetector and Is It Down Right Now.

If you have proof about the outage on DirecTV then contact the technician to resolve the issue.

For example, if there is an outage in Venezuela then contact an expert technician and fix the error code.

2. Check the Receiver to Satellite connection:

If you are sure that the error is not caused by weather or outage then check the receiver is connected to the dish properly or not.

You need to follow the following instructions in order to check the receiver and the satellite connections:

  • First and foremost, check the Satellite-in cable and make clear that the connections between the receiver and the wall platform are protected. Also, check the adapters that are connected to the cable.
  • If the receiver utilizes a power input and it’s connected to the cable arriving from the dish, remove the plug from the power source and wait for few seconds, and after that plug it back in. This will allow the power capacitors a sufficient amount of time to vacate themselves.
  • If you can access the Satellite dish, then assure that nothing obstructs the cable of your dish to the sky.

If you have checked and made every possible verification and still finds the error code on your screen then proceed to the next point.

3. Send a Response signal to the dish:

In case the above techniques are not beneficial then and not associated with bad climate or connection issues, then investigate against a firmware issue.

As indicated by particular cases that we are supervising a similar type of issue, tapping the Channel Up tab twice and then click on the Channel down tab twice. By doing this, a response signal will be delivered to the dish and this may in some cases fix the issue.

If your display screen flickered a couple of times before the issue disappears, the fix has been useful.

4. Locate the satellite dish to different dish:

Sometimes you cannot understand why the error occurs on the display screen. You tried each and every step carefully but nothing worked. Then the reason behind the error is that the dish is not located at the ideal place.

Generally, something is obstructing the connection line of the dish with the satellite.

It might be an object or a tree that has grown to such a height blocking the satellite and impeding the connection.

If this is the reason for the error to occur blocking you from watching some channels then you need to contact the customer service the right away. Request them to come over and relocate the dish to a different position.


You should not try to climb the roof and do alterations. Wait for the technician to arrive at your place as they will follow certain safety measures and use specialized equipment to re-align the satellite after the setting is shifted.

In order to contact the official assistance from DirecTV, either dial 800-531-5000 or you need to move to the Contact Page and tap on the chatbox.

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