[ Fix ] DirecTV Error Code 721

The error code 721 on DirecTV is hit upon when users try to watch particular channels from the lineup of available channels.

DirecTV 721 error will show up “channel not purchased” on your screen. This is due to the channel you are attempting to watch is not incorporated in the subscription package. It also means that the receiver has some problem getting the information of the program for the channel.

What are the causes of the error 721 code DirecTV?

After thoroughly analyzing certain issues, we found out that there are a few basic causes that might evoke the error code.

Here is the list of possible reasons for the error to occur:-

  • The channel is not part of the subscription package

When you try to watch any content your DirecTV comes up with the error because the channel is not a part of the subscription package.

In order to confirm the reason check the channel Lineup and correlate it against the9 plan.

  • The receiver is not receiving the program information for this channel

There is a possibility of the error to occur where the receiver is not competent to retrieve the program information for the specific channel.

For this situation, you should be skilled enough to fix the issue by refreshing the service.

  • The firmware glitch

If you continuously face the error 721 on DirecTV then this is because of a firmware glitch that is deterring the device receiver from acquiring information about the plan of the channel. In case you have this situation then power cycle or restart the receiver to fix the issue.

How do I fix error code 721 on DirecTV?

As of now, you know why this error message ‘Channel Not Purchased’ hovers on your screen. We have listed for you a few of the fixes that some users applied and found to be effective.

1. Check whether the channel is a part of the package or not:

First, you need to investigate by confirming that you are sure to have the right to look at the channel that is showing the error code.

Users will get the error message Channel Not Purchased as the channel is not incorporated in the subscription.

  • If the error is due to this situation then directly go to the channel lineup page. 
  • As you entered the page, select Get Channel Lineup and tap on Check it.
  • Now, scroll through the numerous packages and search yours. 
  • After that, check each channel in the package and look for the channel included in the package has the error or not.

In case the channels with errors are not included in the package. This error caused is genuine and you need to upgrade the package in order to get rid of the error.

2. Refresh the service:

You have confirmed that the error is not because it’s not a part of the existing package plan but some other reason that encountering on your DirecTV screen.

There are chances that you are facing a glitch where the receiver is not conscious that you reserve the preferences to detect that certain channel.

If you have upgraded the package but not yet restart your device then you are likely to have this error message.

You are required to power-cycle the DirecTV receiver by following the instructions below:-

  1. First, remove the plug of the receiver from the main source and also remove the cable line attached at the back.
  2. Next, make yourself comfortable and wait for few seconds.
  3. After some time replugs the cables to their respective plug point. 
  4. Press the Power switch and this will reboot your device.
  5. If required do similar steps in case the error message appears on your DirecTV screen.

3. Reset the receiver:

If the above techniques are not suitable or not because your channel is not a part of the package or after restarting the device it remains the same. Then, try to opt to reset the receiver. The firmware glitch is stopping your device to stream any channels.

By following the below steps many users confirmed that the technique is quite beneficial:-

  1. First find the Reset button where it is situated. In some devices, the button will be in red. Go to the back of the receiver and find the Reset tab. The older versions have the button on the side.
  2. Press for 2 to 3 seconds the button and it starts rebooting.
    In resetting the Genie Mini, you will require to reboot the Genie device too. Both, DirecTV Genie and Genie Mini devices restore the local channels after resetting.
  3. If you still face the error repeat the steps and fix the error. This might help you to get rid of the error to some extent.

4. Contact the ATT support:

After applying all the above techniques but still, the error message keeps on appearing then it’s time to contact customer support as this situation is not under your control.

You need help from AT & T support team so that they can get to the issue and fix the problem. Try dialing the toll-free number 888-388-4249.

These techniques do not require many experienced experts to take hold of in order to fix the error 721 but if the error is faced due to an internal issue or you cannot understand the cause then it’s important to get in touch with the customer service.

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