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Comcast Mail Settings For Thunderbird

If you are a Comcast email user and struggling to access your account, try to open with an email client app. While there are many such as MS Outlook and Gmail, best is to set up the Comcast mail Thunderbird for smooth operations. In this blog, we have shared below a guide that will take you step by step through the configuration of Comcast mail settings for Thunderbird. The Thunderbird is a premier email hosting client and works well with your email address. One thing to keep in mind is that the steps suggested below will help both Mac and WIndows users. You will have no trouble following these steps even if you are using Windows or Linux operating systems.

Read on to configure the Comcast mail settings for Thunderbird.

Step 1:- To start with the Comcast mail settings for Thunderbird, open the web page with the help of your Internet browser. If you are using your in-built email app then the app might ask you to set Thunderbird as your default email. Select Skip Integration if such a message prompts on your screen.

Step 2:- The app will show you an option to create a new email address. However, as you are already registered with Comcast and do not want to create a new email address click on the Skip this step option and select the My existing email option to proceed further.

Step 3:- You will now be prompted with a Mail Account Setup screen on your computer. In case you are unable to see a Mail Account Setup window on your screen do not worry. Click on the Tools inside the main menu and then choose Account Settings from the drop-down menu.

Note: The above-mentioned step has been performed on the Apple Macbook. For all Windows users, advisable is to select Options and then Account Settings from the menu.

Step 4:- On the bottom left corner of your screen, you will see an Account Actions menu. Click on that and select the Add Mail Account option from the list. This is an important step in the Comcast mail settings for Thunderbird.

Step 5:- The Mail Account Setup page will now ask you to enter your name and user name, which will be the same as your full email address. Type in the correct password to log in to the email account. 

Step 6:- After filling in all the information correctly, click on the Continue button and your email app will be ready for you to access important documents and email messages. 

Step 7:- With this, the Comcast mail settings for Thunderbird will automatically get configured for your account. You just need to check once and apply to the mail application.

Step 8:- If everything goes right and you fill the correct information then a ‘confirmation’ screen will appear on the mail application. However, you will still need to make sure that IMAP or remote folders option is selected. If you see any of these two selected then click on the Done option.

Congratulations! You are done with the Comcast mail settings for Thunderbird. Thunderbird will load all of your messages – which can take some time depending on how many there are. You can review the ‘welcome’ message from Thunderbird while they load.

Below are the frequently asked questions which might be beneficial to you in fixing some of your issues or addressing some of the doubts popping up in your mind with regard to Comcast mail Thunderbird.

Why is access to email through Port 110 being blocked?

Well, the reason behind the occurrence of this issue is simple. The port is being blocked because it is not encrypted and this might lead to the leak of your personal information. This can make your information in email vulnerable, at the verge of being compromised. This change will provide your personal information in your email account with the best level of protection possible.

Can I still access my email through POP?

Yes, you can access your email through POP. Port 995 with SSL is completely secure and it is the recommended port for POP. You can simply update your Incoming Mail Server Port to 995 with SSL in order to continue receiving messages in email without interrupting your experience.

Will changing the email settings affect how I receive emails or manage my mailbox?

Well, it is advisable to switch from POP Port 110 to Port 995. Do not worry this will not affect the way you manage your mailbox and receive emails.

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