Charter Email Settings iPad

Charter is a premier telephone and cable networking company based out of the United States. The company provides high-speed internet and email services as well. Charter email helps you receive and send emails with quick responsiveness and user-friendliness. Apple users have the best advantage if they know all about Charter email settings iPad, iPhone, and MacBook. In this blog, we will tell you how to add Charter email to iPad, and any Apple iPad models. The Charter iPad email settings are easy to understand so we will start with that. Please read the instructions carefully and follow the steps one by one.

Follow These Steps To Configure Charter Email Settings iPad

Note: The below-given instructions on Charter iPad email settings are for iOS 12.1 and upgraded versions of the iPad.

  1. Add Charter email to iPad, open the in-built Mail app on your device, or download it from the iOS store.
  2. Once downloaded and opened, click on the Other option in the Mail app.
  3. The Mail app will ask you to enter personal information. Fill in whatever is relevant and registered with your account.
  4. Type ‘’ in the Description field and click on the Next button.
    • Note: As you hit the Next button, you will see the term ‘Charter’ automatically filled in the Description field. In such a case, please delete ‘Charter and type ‘’.
  5. Check if the toggle button is turned on for the Mail app. If yes, then click on the Save option.
  6. After saving all the information, you will be able to see your Charter mailbox in the Apple Mail app.

Congratulations! The Charter email settings iPad has been configured and your account is ready to use.

We hope our Charter iPad email settings guide helps you. If you have been successful to add Charter email to iPad, please suggest our step-by-step guide on Charter iPad email settings to those who are in need.

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