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Cable One Email Settings For Outlook

Cable One gives fast Internet, digital TV, and telephone utilities. It also offers 20 free email accounts of Internet administration for clients which can be accessed by webmail stage or utilizing a mail customer associating with POP or potentially IMAP administrations.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can set up the settings of Cable One Email for Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and Outlook Express.

How to set up Cable One Email Settings for Outlook?

Here are the required details for the Outlook settings.


SSL: true-implicit
Port: 993 by default 
User: [email protected]


SSL: true-implicit
Port: 995
User: [email protected]


SSL: true-explicit
Port: 465
User: [email protected]

Now proceed to follow the steps to configure the Cable One Email to Outlook.

  1. First and foremost, from your computer, go to Outlook may it be 2007, 2010, or 2016. According to the version, you can also prefer to click the Start menu.
  2. You will see a File which you need to choose. Below the file tab, choose the info tab. After that hit the Add Account option.
  3. Now an option “Auto Account Setup” will display on-screen, choose additional server types or Manually configure server settings, and then hit the Next tab.
  4. Next, a screen Choose Service will appear; then choose Internet E-mail, and after that hit on the Next option.
  5. Now proceed to the main step and once you complete it the email will be connected to Outlook Express.

    Here the Internet E-mail Settings will pop up and you need to fill in the following details.

    User Information:
    Your Name: First or Last name.
    E-mail Address: The Sparklight email address.

    Server Information:
    Account Type: IMAP
    Incoming mail server:
    Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

    Login Information:
    User Name: The full Sparklight email address.
    Password: Sparklight email password

    Remove the tick from the box, Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA).
  6. Tap the More Settings tab.
  7. Again, Internet Email Settings will display on the screen, and then choose the Outgoing Server option. Tap the blank box showing My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication and after that choose the option Use the same settings as my incoming mail server.
  8. Proceed to choose the Advanced option above Internet Email Settings and make changes:
    • Incoming server (IMAP): Choose the list and select “SSL.” The port number will be modified to 993.
    • Outgoing Server (SMTP): Choose the drop-down list and select SSL or TLS.
    • The Outgoing server (SMTP) box for SSL (465) or TLS (587).
      Now tap on the Ok tab.
  9. The option Internet Email Settings page will be displayed and tap on the Next tab.
  10. A window showing Congratulations will pop up after you successfully fill in the server details.
  11. Lastly, hit the Finish tab.

Hence the setting up or configuration of Cable One Email is connected to Outlook successfully. You can easily follow the steps on your PC.

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