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Bellsouth Email Settings For Mac

Apple users usually boast of their devices for quick responsiveness. No matter how complicated the process is, your Apple device makes it easy for you. Accessing your email on Mac is also very easy and comfortable. The iOS’ in-built Mail app lets you read, write, read, and react to all of your important emails with a few clicks. While common email service users of Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook know how to use the Mac Mail app, BellSouth email Mac needs to be configured. But don’t worry! We are here to help you with our complete guide on BellSouth email settings for Mac

BellSouth email Mac

Doesn’t matter if you have a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, our easy steps will help you fix both ATT as well as AT &T email settings issues.

Follow these easy steps one by one to configure BellSouth email Mac:

  1. open an email reader

    If you want to configure your Bellsouth email account, the very first thing you need to do is to open an email reader on which you want to configure it.

  2. create an account

    Then, proceed by selecting the option to create an account. The user is required to select the option to create an account. This option is available on the top of the toolbar of your email reader. If you are using Outlook, then you will have this option in the tools menu, and in case you are using MAC to create an account, then you will get this option in the File menu. Hence, you need to select the option according to the email reader on which you are working.

  3. fill the details

    To proceed further, you will be asked to fill in the details as given below. We will guide you step-by-step and believe us it is super easy. Here you go:

  4. name

    In the display name, you need to enter the name which you want to show on your account.

  5. Incoming mail (POP)

    Next, in the Incoming mail (POP) server, you have to enter ‘’.

  6. outgoing mail (IMAP)

    In the outgoing mail (IMAP) server, you have to enter ‘’.

  7. enter POP3

    Now, in the incoming mail server type, do not forget to enter POP3.

  8. keep in mind

    One thing to keep in mind is that in both the incoming mail as well as outgoing mail, the user name should be filled with the Bellsouth email address of the users.

  9. enter 995

    Next, enter the number of 995 in the incoming mail port and the secure connection should be SSL.

  10. enter 465

    Similarly, the secure connection should be SSL in the outgoing mail port but the number will be different. You have to enter the number of 465 in the outgoing mail port

  11. re-check details

    Finally, check and re-check all the information and details you have filled. Then, proceed by clicking on the save option available. In the end, apply all the changes for the configuration process of your Bellsouth email account.

So, these were the easy steps that you have to follow for the successful configuration of BellSouth email Mac on any email reader that you want to.

The above mentioned step-by-step guide is plain, simple, and easy to follow. However, you need to fill in the correct credentials. Be sure about whatever details you give out during the configuration process. This will help you in finishing the entire process of configuration with much ease and without any errors at the end.

To set up BellSouth email on Mac, one needs to make changes to both, receiving server as well as sending server, of the Mail app settings. If BellSouth email is not working on Mac even after doing everything right then the problem might be big. We have explained in our blog the common problems one faces while configuring BellSouth email settings for Mac mail.

Bellsouth Email Not Working On Mac

Here are some of the common problems related to BellSouth email Mac:-

  1. Receiving email: Sometimes the problem lies on your part. You are able to send emails through your BellSouth account but are struggling to receive one. After refreshing multiple times, you manage to receive a much-anticipated email.
  2. Sending email: If you want to add BellSouth email to Mac and expect it to work properly the outbound server also needs to be configured in sync to your BellSouth account.
  3. SMTP Server: The SMTP server settings also need to be configured to ensure the correct functioning of the Mail app in sync to your BellSouth email Mac.

As now you know a bit about the problems related to BellSouth email settings Mac, it is better to proceed to the section where we explain the tricks to fix them and complete the BellSouth email setup Mac. However, it is advised to check all three of the settings, we have broken down the process for a better understanding.

Receiving email

Go inside the Mail app settings and check the POP Email section. The correct setting for BellSouth email Mac is ‘’ in Inbound Server Settings, with port 995 with SSL checked and authentication set to password. The other Inbound setting that works perfectly for BellSouth email Mac is ‘’ and port as 995 with SSL checked and authentication set to password. When the app asks you for the User ID, fill in a format like ‘Cust[email protected]’. Even though these settings are majorly used across the globe, they are subject to change with no prior notice. So it is better to keep updated with BellSouth email Mac settings.

Sending Email

Now, it is time to check the Outbound Server settings within the BellSouth email Mac mail app. The asking field should have ‘’ and port 465 with SSL checked and authentication set to password. In some cases these settings will not work, so put in the alternative inputs. Type ‘’ in OutBound Server using port 465 with SSL checked and authentication set to password. Just like the Inbound settings, your Outbound server will also ask you for the user name. It should be formatted as ‘[email protected]’. These settings are also subject to change without prior notice so keep checking for updates.

SMTP Server

In case, you are still having trouble with the configuration of  BellSouth email Mac you need to make a few changes to your SMTP server. Enter ‘’ and use the default ports, keep the SSL section blank, and authentication set to none. This SMTP configuration has been used by the BellSouth company originally for its email service. It still works wonders for many of BellSouth users.

These steps will help all the users but do not guarantee success in some cases. If you are one of those who have failed to install the BellSouth email on your MacBook, do not hesitate to contact AT &T tech support. Explain the customer care executive everything you tried on your Mail app and ask relevant questions to elevate the conversation to the next level of support.

Sometimes the problem can be with your device. In such a case, you can directly dial up the Apple support center and talk to the concerned representatives regarding the Mail app and BellSouth sync. You can contact the support services via a phone call as well as walk into the service center for a better understanding of the subject.

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