AOL Mail Setup on iPad

An iPad is the most convenient device around these days. And if you can configure your AOL mail setup on iPad, then there’s nothing like it. Just imagine the pleasure of typing out an email to your client or immediate senior at work while being on the go. So without wasting any time, understand how to get the AOL mail setup on iPad. Because an iPad gives you more clarity when it comes to emailing than your phone.

How To Setup Aol Mail On iPad

Get your AOL mail setup on iPad by following these easy steps:-

  1. Go home on On your iPad’s

    On your iPad’s home screen, tap on the “Mail” application. Once you open the application, tap on “other” and click on “Mail Account”. But if an email account set up already exists, simply go into the “Settings” option and click on the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option in the sidebar. Once you have entered the menu, click on “Add Account”.

  2. Enter Your official name Name

    With the help of your onscreen keyboard, type your name in the Name box. It is not necessary to use your official name here as you can use any name, which will go with every email you send.

  3. Enter Your Full Email ID

    Now moving on with the AOL mail setup on iPad, type your full email ID in the address box. Don’t think twice before entering an ID with a different domain ( or, simply type it in.

  4. Type Password

    Now it is time for you to type in the password. Basically the password you usually use.

  5. Write About Yourself

    Before tapping on “Next” to move on to the next step, observe the “description” box? Write a description for yourself in this section, which will basically summarise your email account.

  6. Tab on IMAP

    On the “New Account” section, click on IMAP.

  7. on the “Hostname

    Once the IMAP section opens, write on the “Hostname” section, precisely under the “Incoming Mail Server”

  8. Now write in the Hostname

    Now comes the part where you need to type on the Hostname under the “Outgoing Mail Server”

  9. remember to add the full AOL email IDs

    Do not forget to enter the full AOL email IDs in the username spaces of both incoming and outgoing servers. Without doing this, your AOL mail setup on iPad will remain incomplete.

  10. Now Enter passwords

    Just like you entered the AOL email IDs in both the sections, enter the passwords too.

  11. Now your iPad will conclusively verify

    Once you tap on “Next”, your iPad will conclusively verify the settings on your phone.

Setup Aol Mail On iPad: Some points to remember

  • If you are already using an AOL email account on an iPad, and want to edit the SMTP settings, all you need to do is tap on the “Settings” section and navigate from hereon. Trust us, the AOL iPad mail settings are certainly not rocket science.
  • Having multiple email accounts is a possibility in our times. But what do you do when you want to navigate from one account to another? Get to the “Accounts” section in the Mail app to do so. And if you want a common interface to view emails from all inboxes, just click on “All Inboxes”. This is one advantage once you install the AOL iPad mail settings successfully.
  • If you are stuck with the AOL mail setup on the iPad at any point, you will have to double-check your inputs. Please note that you need to use “” as the “Incoming Mail Server”, and “” as the outgoing one.

Understanding these steps becomes a tad technical because not everyone is used to dealing with aol ipad mail settings on a regular basis. On such occasions, feel free to get in touch with the customer care executives, who are available round the clock for you. They can also help you with other technical complications you might face. Till then, happy surfing on your iPad.

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