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AOL Mail Setup Android

Are you wondering how to set up AOL mail on an Android phone? It is not rocket science and you can set it up on your own by following a few steps mentioned in this article. However, the AOL mail setup on android may vary from handset to handset. Otherwise, the general settings remain the same. So, keep reading this post and find out how to set up AOL mail on android.

How do I set up AOL mail on my Android?

If you are keen on using AOL mail from your android phone, then here’s how you can do it. Keep reading below:

Check out the following data to set up aol mail on android below:-

  • Choose IMAP amongst POP/IMAP.
  • Incoming server should be
  • Incoming port should be 993
  • SSL security incoming should read as SSL
  • Outgoing server should be
  • Outgoing port should be 465
  • Write ‘Yes’ for the section ‘Requires sign-in’

AOL mail settings for android in detail

Now, we will tell you AOL mail server settings for android in detail. Keep reading below:

  1. Launch your mail app from the menu and add a new account.
  2. Then choose ‘Other’
  3. Note- if you do not have an account, then you should create one at first. For that, go to ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Account’.
  4. In the following screen, type in your account details and tap on login.
  5. Type in your AOL email id for the email section.
  6. Write your AOL mail password for the password section.
  7. Select %type% and fill in the following details under AOL mail server settings android.
  8. At first, focus on the Incoming Mail Server.
  9. Ensure that the server name is for Incoming Mail Server
  10. Please check that the security type is SSL.
  11. The port number should be 993.
  12. Thereafter, go to Outgoing Mail Server.
  13. The server name should be
  14. The security type should be SSL just like you have done for AOL mail IMAP settings android.
  15. The port number should be 465.
  16. Please check that the verification for sending emails should be ‘on’. So, click on ‘Yes’.
  17. Type in your email for username.
  18. Enter your AOL mail password in the password section.

And you have your account ready to be used in your smartphone. And that’s how setting up AOL mail on android is done. In fact, you can also set up an android AOL mail account manually where you have to change all the numbers of aol mail server settings by hand. 

This requires expertise and everyone may not be comfortable in this process. So, opting for the automatic ones is great for everyone. If you follow all the steps thoroughly, then setting up AOL mail on an android phone won’t be difficult. Otherwise, you may find errors in launching AOL mail from android phone.

Hence, check all the steps and then recheck if you find any flaw in opening AOL mail on android. For further guidance, we are always there to help you. Simply call upon the toll-free customer care number to speak to learn, experienced technicians who have the answer to every technical problem you might ever face. They have a very high success rate when it comes to solving the problems of their customers.

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