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Do you want to use AOL emails through a third-party mail client? If yes, then you have to manually set the servers and port numbers for AOL Verizon mail settings. Now, many people access AOL mail through the AOL app or If you are also one of them, then you don’t have to make any changes. Otherwise, you have to configure AOL Verizon mail server settings.

At first, you will be prompted to choose either POP3 or IMAP. When you make any changes, you should always have a backup of your data to prevent loss of any information. In this way, you can be on the safe side.

This article will go through the steps to help you in AOL mail verizon net settings. Keep reading and find out more:

How to Configure Verizon AOL Mail Server Settings?

Many email software has an account settings menu that gives you a platform to alter the POP3 and IMAP settings. When you fill your account info, please check that you use your full email which will consist of Also, make sure that you have enabled SSL encryption for outgoing and incoming email.

Here is a list of data that you should follow:--

Server for Incoming Mail Server for Outgoing Mail Server
Port SettingsPOP3-995-SSL for Incoming Mail Server
SMTP-465-SSL for Outgoing Mail Server
Server for Incoming Mail Server for Outgoing Mail Server
Port SettingsIMAP-993-SSLfor Incoming Mail Server
SMTP-465-SSL for Outgoing Mail Server

Though the server and port settings may remain the same for all other software, their location might be different. For instance, AOL mail verizon outlook settings will be different than Thunderbird and so on. Similarly, Verizon AOL mail iPhone settings will also differ. So, if you use this software, it is best to check their official website as they can either tell you what to do or you can call them for further assistance.

AOL Verizon Mail Settings Using IMAP?

This is applicable only if you haven’t used POP3 with another email client. Now if you want to continue using POP3 being a Verizon migrated user, you have to update the POP3 settings.

IMAP is a unique method that is used for mail reception. It is primarily considered for receiving emails from a mail server. It stores the messages on the server, and whenever you check your inbox, the email client interacts with the server to receive your messages. For POP3, the messages are always downloaded to your computer system which makes it compatible and versatile. With this, you can sync your account on various diverse platforms.

Do you want to switch from POP3 to IMAP? If yes, then be certain that only the new messages from the server will be moved to your device whereas any old emails that are saved on your system by a POP3 client won’t be relocated. That’s why you should always have a good backup or else AOL mail settings for Verizon can tarnish important files.

Did you know AOL mail updates your Verizon net email security settings? Yes, they do and that’s why when you have successfully migrated from to AOL mail, you should follow a few steps to upgrade the third-party client. Though AOL mail settings for Verizon accounts vary, the server and port settings remain constant.

Also, note that you should always enable SSL and type in your full mail id consisting of Keep reading below to find out important data that needs to be checked or filled:

Server Settings

Incoming Mail Server – IMAP –
Outgoing Mail Server – SMTP –

Port Settings

IMAP-993-SSL – Incoming Mail Server
SMTP-465-SSL – Outgoing Mail Server

In a nutshell, that’s how verizon aol mail settings are done. It’s not rocket science, and you can do it on your own. Just make sure that all the important data are filled. Otherwise, you might face problems in receiving and sending emails after AOL mail settings in Verizon. If you are stuck in any part of the process, you can get in touch with our experts who will be happy to help you at any time.

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