AOL Mail Settings For Thunderbird

Do you want to access AOL mail from Mozilla Thunderbird? We will walk you through a quick guide to AOL mail settings for thunderbird. Though you can read your AOL mails from the web browser, setting up an application that you use for mail reception is always beneficial. Here’s how you can configure AOL mail settings for thunderbird:

How to Access AOL mails from Thunderbird?

For AOL mail settings for thunderbird, you need to follow these steps below:-

  1. Choose Tools from Account Settings that are the same for Windows and Mac. You should go to ‘Edit’ in account settings for Linux from the menu present in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Press on to “ALT’ key if you are unable to find the menu.
  3. Click on ‘Account Actions’.
  4. Choose ‘Add mail account’ from the menu that displays on the screen.
  5. Enter your name in the section of name.
  6. Type in your full AOL mail address that will include ‘’ in the email address section.
  7. Type in your AOL email password in the password section.
  8. Thereafter, click on to ‘Continue’.
  9. Ensure that the IMAP folder is chosen.
  10. Choose POP3 and then download new mail from AOL but refrain from merging folders and actions.
  11. Also note that with POP3, Mozilla Thunderbird will delete downloaded messages from AOL after you have removed them manually. It can also be deleted after two weeks. However, you can change these variations from your account’s ‘Server settings’.
  12. Then, click ‘Done’ and ‘OK’.

How to set up AOL mail settings for Thunderbird 2?

Setting up thunderbird verizon aol mail can be tricky, but, if you follow these steps then nothing will be difficult. Here’s how you can set up AOL mail settings for thunderbird 2.

  1. Go to Tools and then Account Settings. You can also go to Edit and then Account Settings from the menu.
  2. Click on ‘Add account’.
  3. Ensure that email account is chosen.
  4. Press ‘Continue’.
  5. Type in your name in the name section.
  6. Under the email address, enter your full AOL mail address.
  7. Always remember to enter ‘’ by following your AOL screen name. For instance, [email protected]
  8. Press ‘Continue’.
  9. Choose IMAP in the Incoming Server Type for aol mail imap settings thunderbird.
  10. Write ‘’ under Incoming Server.
  11. Thereafter, click on ‘Continue’.
  12. Check Mozilla Thunderbird whether it has entered your AOL screen name or not in the outgoing and incoming user name.
  13. Click on ‘Continue’.
  14. Think of a descriptive name and write it under account name.
  15. Press ‘Continue’.
  16. Click ‘Done’.
  17. Focus on the outgoing server in the account list for AOL outgoing mail server settings thunderbird.
  18. Tap on ‘Add’ from the right panel.
  19. Write AOL email id under description.
  20. Type in ‘’ for server name
  21. Write ‘587’ for port.
  22. Ensure that your user name and password are checked.
  23. Under user name, type in your AOL screen name.
  24. Then click ‘OK’.
  25. Emphasize your AOL account in the account list.
  26. Select ‘’ for outgoing server (SMTP).
  27. Focus on Copies and Folders under your AOL mail account.
  28. Then, click ‘OK’.

That’s how AOL mail server settings for thunderbird and thunderbird 2 are done. You can either do it yourself or call 1-800-827-6364 for professional help to set up thunderbird for AOL mail. The executives are always working closely to cater to your needs. So, if you are stuck in any step for AOL mail for thunderbird settings, you can get in touch with them at any time.

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