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As we all know it is more convenient to check all your email messages on one device and using one single application. If you are an AOL customer and struggle to access your email account on one device while using a single app, this guide on Mac mail AOL IMAP settings will be of great importance for you. So, access your AOL email using Apple’s in-built Mail app. The AOL mail settings for Mac are easy to configure and do not trouble you much after the process is complete. For the uninitiated, AOL is an email service provider and was once a closed system. However, you can now set up the same on various email clients apps for easy access. If you have been worrying about “how do I set up AOL mail on my Mac” so far, you have finally landed on the right page.

There is one thing to note that updating Mac mail AOL IMAP settings through the step by step guide given below will help you with all versions of the Mail app. You do not need to follow any other procedure for MacBooks operating on macOS Catalina (10.15), macOS Mojave (10.14), macOS High Sierra (10.13), and macOS Sierra (10.12).

How do I set up AOL mail on my Mac

Follow these easy steps one by one to configure Mac mail AOL IMAP settings:-

  1. Look on the Dock at the bottom of your screen and click on the Mail icon.
  2. After opening the Mail app, click in the menu bar of the Mail and select Add Account.
  3. You will be asked to ‘Choose a Mail’ by the application. Please select AOL from the list of email hosting websites and click on Continue.
  4. Now, your screen will show the Mail options with AOL mail selected. Enter your AOL username, which can be the same as the email address in most of the cases, and click on Next.
  5. Now, type your password correctly to log in to your AOL account to proceed with the AOL IMAP settings Mac mail.
  6. Advised is to read the information carefully and confirm the AOL information related to your account to give the Mac permission to access. The app will show you the information such as AOL Contacts, Calendar, Profiles, and Mail. Click on Agree to agree with the AOL terms and conditions.
  7. In the AOL services list, select the apps you want to sync with your AOL email on MacBook and click on Done.
  8. Now, tap on the AOL icon in the list of mailboxes in the Mail app in case you have synced other email accounts as well on your Mac.

That is it, the configuration of the AOL email Mac mail settings was this easy. However, for those of you who are not using an updated version of the Mail app on your MacBook, there are a few more steps to follow.

To save the AOL Mac mail settings in the earlier Mail versions, follow a similar process until the application allows. However, just before the configuration, you will be asked to enter specific information based on the AOL SMTP server settings Mac mail.

PLEASE NOTE: Before the configuration of the Mac mail AOL IMAP settings, you must have a high speed and an active internet connection to access your email via You must have a web browser, which usually comes as default in all computer systems. Safari is the browser in-built in all of the Apple devices, but you can install others like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as per your preference. No one likes to keep the browser open for one email account and the Mail app synced to another. So, with the configuration of AOL mail settings for Mac, it will be much easier for you to use a single application to read, write, send, receive and react on important email messages.

Mac mail AOL IMAP settings

Here below, we have explained the settings and information you need to fill for Mac mail AOL IMAP settings when you see a screen asking for it:

  1. Select the account type as IMAP.
  2. Type in your email address in the format – [email protected]
  3. Enter the correct password of your AOL account. If you have forgotten your password, you can simply visit and click on the ‘forgot password‘ option. You will be asked to answer a security question or one time password that you received on your registered mobile number or alternative email id.
  4. Now, enter your user name. If you have not set a user name for your AOL account then write your email address without the part.
  5. Go to the Incoming Mail Server settings and type ‘’ in the vacant box.
  6. In order to send emails without any trouble from your AOL email account using the Mail app, you will require to make appropriate changes to Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) section as well. Under the AOL SMTP settings Mac mail, fill ‘’ to complete the process.

If you fill the above-mentioned information without any mistake, you will be done with setting up AOL mail on Mac. Now use your MacBook’s Mail app to access your AOL email account and enjoy emailing.

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