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Resolve Common Alexa and Amazon Echo issues

Alexa is a speaker device and it works on smooth running internet connectivity and can also control smart devices. Amazon Echo comes up with features like playing music, commands with voice, alarm settings, and many more. But sometimes while using, users stumble upon various issues, and for this Alexa and Amazon Echo may not be working properly. There may be various bugs like low internet and power connection, Wi-Fi connection issues, or maybe Amazon Alexa set up account issues.

So here we bring forward to resolve common Alexa and Amazon Echo issues and this step could be applied to Alexa App as well as Alexa enabled devices like Echo Dot 2, Echo Show, and Echo Plus.

Whatever problems a user encounters with Alexa and its controlled Echo devices are described with some resolving techniques for user’s better convenience and to overcome Alexa voice remote for Amazon echo not working.

1. Alexa: No response to Voice command and Wi-Fi related issues.

It happens when you face issues on voice commands, where Alexa and it devices like Echo and Echo dot 2 does not give any response, then these issues could be fixed by any of this method:-

i. Access to Internet and Power

Always make sure to allow Echo to get access to the Internet and power which seems the basic of all. Because an unplug Echo device or interruption on the service of the internet may be the reason behind Alexa not responding to your voice and you face Alexa voice remote for Amazon echo not working, which is troublesome.

ii. Turn ‘ON’ Echo’s microphone

If the ring light is red in color instead of blue, it indicates that the microphone is Off. Now press the button at the top of the device and let it turn On. Check if Alexa gives a response to your voice.

iii. Ensure to connect your smartphone device and the Amazon Echo speaker to the same Wi-Fi network

If the Wi-Fi connection network on which the App and Amazon Echo dot devices are connected seems to be different, your Echo will not be able to respond to your command and it will lead to Alexa voice remote for Amazon echo not working, which is annoying. So make sure to connect both the App and the device on the same Wi-Fi connection network and check if Alexa hears you.

iv. Echo device is at Wi-Fi range

Sometimes due to more distance of Echo devices from the WiFi range, Alexa seems not to respond. Bring it a bit closer to it and see if the problem is solved so that you may not find difficulty with Alexa voice remote for echo not working issue.

v. Restart Echo device

Many of the technical issues are solved with just a simple restart option.

vi. Fix Wi-Fi connection

Check if the Wi-Fi network is low. You can reset the connection and see if the device is responding back or not.

vii. Make sure to give a clear voice while commanding

While commanding make sure to speak clearly so that Alexa won’t baffle by hearing your command.

viii. Make changes in your waking word

You can try with different wake words and see if Alexa and Echo respond back to you.

ix. Reset Echo to Factory defaults

You can reset the Alexa enabling device to the factory defaults and for this, you need to register the Echo device to your registered Amazon account and again enter the device settings to the Alexa app or else Alexa voice remote for Amazon echo not working will be an issue.

2. Issues with Alexa as it plays Music on the Wrong device

In Echo speakers, you can control music on multi-room audio. But when asked Alexa to play music on the Echo device but it got played on another Alexa enabling device, then here are a few fixes you can try out to solve this issue:

i. Set a Home device group

By letting all your Alexa enabled devices to a group, then Alexa can respond to your command more quickly and easily.

ii. Set the right Echo device as the speaker

In order to set one of the Echo devices as the preferred speaker, you can make changes in the settings of Alexa. So when a request on music is made only the default Echo speaker responds.

iii. Accurately term your Echo devices

For easy tracking in Echo speakers to play on music, you can name the Echo devices logically.

3. Issues related to not streaming Music:

When Alexa cannot stream music from streaming devices like Spotify, etc, the issues often related to it is Wi-Fi connectivity. Here are the fixes you can try:

i. Examine the WiFi connection

Sometimes it may happen that your Wi-Fi connectivity is low, just reset the connection and check if it works on playing music.

ii. Avoid Wi-Fi overcrowding

The devices that are not in use and are connected to Wi-Fi must be turned Off to reduce Wi-Fi overcrowding.

iii. Place Echo in Wi-Fi route

Due to a large gap between the Alexa enabled device and the Wi-Fi, your device may not stream to music properly. Thereby moving the device to the Wi-Fi range and away from sources creating interference may seem to solve this issue.

iv. Echo restart

You can also restart the echo device which seems worth working to solve this kind of issue.

v. Modem and Router Restart

Rebooting the modem and router may fix the problem on streaming music.

4. To fix issue related to not operating specific skill

When you find that skill like Spotify or Pandora is not working, here is how you can fix it:

i. Inspect Echo Wi-Fi connection:

When the Wi-Fi connection is set down, Alexa cannot execute Skill properly.

ii. Enable Skill:

To operate on Skill, you must first switch the skill to enable or you can even re-enable if it is necessary. If skill is disabled it will not work  

iii. Recognizing Skill with the correct name:

In order to operate with the specific skill, you need to make sure to refer with the right name.

Amazon Echo privacy and security issues:

When dealing on privacy issue here are some of the tricks to avoid it:

  • Always enable mute on your Echo device when not in use.
  • When a command is placed on Amazon Echo it always keeps a record to listen back if needed, you can delete these records since it may interfere in your privacy.

Hence, a brief idea of resolving some of the issues related to Alexa and Alexa enable devices like Echo, Echo Dot, Echo show has been put forward for its owners in a handy way.

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