WestJet Cancellation

When it comes to cancellation of flights; WestJet comes forward with all possible and affordable ways of cancellation. Passengers can go through any of the below doors in WestJet flights Cancellation hassle-free. 

WestJet Cancellation Policy:

Within 24 hours of booking Cancellation Policy-

The WestJet Airlines cancellation policy allows full refund value when flyers cancel flights within 24hours of purchasing tickets.

A refund would be initiated on the same mode of payment as you did at the time of purchasing the flight tickets.

When a ticket is purchased on a flight from its 24 hours of departure on scheduled time but you cancelled the flight booking then you need to pay a cancellation fee to the Airlines. This charges would be the charges made on seat reservation and the remaining amount would be refunded to your registered bank account as per refund policy.

After 24 hours of Booking Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of flights after 24 hours of booking on Basic Fares would not be refunded.
The refund will act as travel credit that can be used in the future while purchasing tickets.
WestJet cancellation fee differs depending on cancellation routes and the cabin class.

WestJet flight Cancellation:

Passengers who have no idea on ‘How to cancel a WestJet Flight’ you can go through the points described below for WestJet booking cancellation:

  • At first, the procedure starts, when you go to the WestJet Airlines official website from your preferred browser.
  • Now look for the ‘Manage and Plan’ tab.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow of Manage and Plan.
  • On the Manage Trip section, choose from the list that appears on the display screen, the flight you want to cancel.
  • Now you have to enter the booking number and passenger last name and tap on the ‘Search’ option, once when you select the flight to cancel on WestJet.
  • Click on the page Manage Booking and then select on ‘Cancel Flight’ to proceed further.
  • Always make sure to follow the instructions on the screen for a successful cancellation of flight on WestJet.

WestJet cancellation offline mode:

Passengers can also opt for the offline mode in cancelling a flight on WestJet. You can call the WestJet cancellation number and directly talk to the Airline executive to cancel your flight as per the WestJet trip cancellation policy.

WestJet Cancellation Fee:

As like every Airline, there is also cancellation charges on WestJet for cancelling flight on bookings from the flyers.

So it is always advised to look into the WestJet cancellation policy fee before making cancellation on reservation WestJet. The Westjet cancellation fee depends on factors such as the timing of cancellation from the departure of flight, the fare type bought by passengers, cancellation time and so on. 

How much is the fee to cancel a WestJet flight?

For the answer on WestJet flight cancellation fees give a look at the following:

Passengers owning the Econo ticket need to pay 50 CAD – 59 CAD as WestJet Econo cancellation fee.
For passengers having the Econo Flex ticket need to pay 25 CAD – 30 CAD when flying within Canada.
Business Flex ticket charges 100 CAD – 118 CAD for the passengers as the price for WestJet cancellation.
Passengers that have the Premium ticket need to pay about 50 CAD – 59 CAD.

Take note that for passengers having flights to Europe, the cancellation fee on WestJet flight cancel differs according to WestJet cancellation policy.

WestJet Cancellation Refund policy:

WestJet cancellation refund policy it states as- 

  • For a full refund, passengers need to cancel a flight within 24 hours of the confirmation of the reservation.
  • Cancellation of flight after 24 hours booking must have to pay the cancel flight fee. The refund that is to be credited is only after deducting the cancel flight fee from the ticket fare.
  • The amount to be refunded will be transferred to the same account from which you purchased the fare.
  • Passengers with Basic Fare tickets won’t get the benefits to enjoy the refund as per WestJet cancellation refund policy.
  • The process on refund could be initiated in the official website of WestJet Airlines. After the cancellation process, you would see the option of a refund and from there you can proceed further.
  • Cancellation of flight made by passengers on same-day departure will get a refund to Travel Bank of the passenger’s account.
  • Fares on the refund will be as per the cabin class at the time of booking.

WestJet Cancellation Insurance

WestJet Airlines introduces WestJet Cancellation Insurance policy program for the passengers that act as a safeguard to their refunds.

With the cancellation insurance, passengers would get the refunds on their flight to their account within the stipulated time of 3-5 working days.

Passengers with Econo Flex and Econo tickets will be given the travel credit which can be used by passengers for future purchase of tickets but not with any refund value.

Econo cancellations policy:

After 24hour initial window cancellations on a flight, the cancellation fee on Econo tickets is based on the flight route and the days left from the departure of the flight.

Flight cancellation fee within Canada

For the flight, more than 60 days left for departure is CA$50-$59 (~$35-$41).
For the flight, less than 60 days from the departure date is CA$100-$118 (~$70-$82).

For flight between Europe and Canada

For the flight, more than 60 days left for departure is CA$100-$118 (~$70-$82)
For flight with less than 60 days left for departure is CA$250-$295 (~$174-$205).

Rest of the flights the cancellation fee

For the flight, more than 60 days left for departure is CA$50-$59 (~$35-$41)
For flight with less than 60 days left for departure is CA$100-$118 (~$70-$82).

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