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Virgin Atlantic Change flight

Booked a flight with Virgin Atlantic but unfortunately, you have to make changes in your flight schedule then no fear on a question such as ‘Can you change Virgin Atlantic flights’, ‘How to change flight date,’ because Virgin Atlantic provides features for the passengers to make changes in flight date, time and so on In this article, you will come across with Virgin Atlantic flight change policy and method along with Virgin Atlantic change flight cost.

Virgin Atlantic flight change policy:

The Virgin Atlantic change flight policy stands on top among British Airlines. The passengers are offered with the flexibility to make changes on the date, flight time, change return flight date.

How to change Virgin Atlantic flight:

Passengers looking for Virgin Atlantic change flight with the online method. There is two procedure for making online flight changes.

1. Through the official website.

2. Through Mobile

i. Change in Virgin Atlantic flight through the official website of Atlantic flight:

The points stated below would help you to change flight in Virgin Atlantic:

  • Visit the official website 
  • Go to the Menu.
  • Then select on ‘My Bookings’.
  • Now you need to enter the number in your ticket booking.
  • Next, fill the passenger’s last name.
  • Now, all the planned program of the passenger will be displayed by the operator.
  • Now, look for the required changes in your ticket reservation regarding Virgin Atlantic change flight date, Virgin Atlantic change fly time, etc.
  • Select the save changes and then submit them.
  • Here you may need to pay the Virgin Atlantic flight change fee and the pay difference if there is any.
  • At last, a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered id or phone number and we ensure with all your flight change details.

ii. Change in Virgin Atlantic flight through Mobile App:

  • You need to launch the Virgin Atlantic app on your phone through PlayStore or iTunes.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Now move to the section on ‘Manage Booking’.
  • Make the appropriate changes as preferred by you in your ticket reservations.
  • Then make the payment for cost in-flight change and the difference in fare if any.
  • A confirmation will be soon sent to you through mail or message and then close the app.

Thus the above online process can be used for making any changes in flight in a very convenient way.

Virgin Atlantic change flight offline:

The Virgin Atlantic even comes with an offline method to make changes in flight booking.

  • By visiting the nearest ticket booking counter.
  • By Virgin Atlantic flight change contact number: This offline method is much reliable for the flyers as they can easily contact with the Virgin Atlantic flight Change phone number with immediate support and guidance for you to make a better journey.

Virgin Atlantic cost to change flight:

Virgin Atlantic in being with the most satisfying feature it also has many options on fares. The change fee in flight is accompanied by several terms and conditions. The cost to change Virgin Atlantic flight includes a free change fee within 24 hours of booking. Passengers can apply for a request to make flight changes, and terms and conditions would apply depending on the category of fare you made the booking. Thus, Virgin Atlantic change flight fee may not have a fixed fare marked as flight change fee because all the fare differs depending on fare types and on the terms and conditions of Virgin Atlantic policy.

How to change flight date with Virgin Atlantic:

You can either make changes on the date online as well as through offline mode. You just need to make changes in the date of flight prior to 21days. If changes made between 21days may charge you with the Virgin Atlantic change flight date fee. Virgin Atlantic provides you with the best form to make changes in Virgin Atlantic change return flight date and also the date of departure in the form in ‘Rebook My Flights’. They would check the availability on the requested date and when no charge is to be made they will send you with the new confirm e-ticket on your email. The offline mode avails to contact directly the Virgin Atlantic change flight phone number and then making the required changes in their flight reservation.

Thus, for the well-being of the flyers to make any changes in their flight that can be amended in any case of emergency or so has been discussed above. For further assistance, you can call upon the toll-free change flight phone number available for 24*7.

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