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Southwest Airlines Change Flight

Southwest Airlines permits its passengers to change flight according to their convenience through the methods mentioned below. It can be either online by visiting the website or offline by dialling the toll-free number provided by the Airlines or through the Southwest Ticket counter. To learn how to proceed with the different ways to change flight in Southwest Airlines, read the steps described beneath.

Southwest Airlines flight change through online method.

  • Visit the official website of the Southwest Airlines, through any web browser.
  • Next, log in to the account.
  • Then, at the top of the page look for ‘My Account’ and select it.
  • Then, look for the ‘My Trip’ tab.
  • A list of upcoming flight options can be seen on the screen.
  • Select the flight that needs to be changed.
  • A search box will appear to proceed with changes in date, time, return flight ticket, etc.
  • On the screen, the preferred choice of the flight will be displayed.
  • Next, select the option ‘Continue to Change’.
  • Then, the difference in the price will be reflected on the screen.
  • Continue with the mode of payment if there is any difference.
  • Finally, confirm the changes.

Thus, with the help of the above information change in flight can be done online. If a passenger changes it’s ticket to a lower fare ticket, the remaining amount will be credited to the account registered with the Airlines. But, if there is an increase in the fare due to the changes then the difference has to be paid by the passenger.

Southwest Airlines flight change through an offline method.

Southwest Airlines flight change can also be done through an offline method by speaking to the representatives over the phone. Southwest Airlines has provided a toll-free number, looking into the convenience of the passengers for any queries relating to a flight change. The representatives are ready to help 24/7 to the passengers. 

Southwest Airlines flight change through the ticket counter

Flight change can be carried out at the ticket counter of Southwest Airlines also. Passengers have to visit the ticket counter to continue with the flight change process. Representatives present therein will assist in changing the flight process as per the passenger’s desire.

Southwest Airlines flight change fee

Southwest Airlines is the only Airline that offers zero-cost charges against flight changes. When a route is changed by the passenger during the process of a flight change, no fee is charged by the Airlines and under the policy, free-travel is permitted to different destinations. The flexibility of rules and policies of Southwest Airlines can also be enjoyed by the passengers. Learn more about it below.

  • When flight changes are made 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight then, free flight change is offered to the passengers of Southwest.
  • When changes are made on the same day then no change fee is charged by the Airlines, rather the difference in fare if any has to be paid upon the flight changes on the reserved ticket by the passenger.

Hence, by keeping in mind the above points, flight change charges can be exempted by the passengers of Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines same-day flight change policy

Southwest Airlines same-day flight change policy mentions that changes in flight can be done on the same day before the scheduled departure of the flight. Alteration on flight change can also be done within 2 hours from the departure of the flight. To proceed with it visit the different methods available such as online, offline or ticket counter. Upon any confusion representatives available will assist in every possible way to continue with the same-day flight change.

Southwest Airlines flight change  non-refundable tickets 

Under the policy of Southwest Airlines, non-refundable tickets fare get credited for the future purchase of tickets. The expiry date is termed as one year from the date of purchase for the tickets to be purchased in future. Exceeding beyond the mentioned time may result in the loss of the amount that was initially saved for future travelling. The policy of non-show of 10 times will also result in the same.

Refund for flight change by Southwest Airlines

For refund through Southwest Airlines for change in flight due to unavoidable conditions generated by the Airlines, passengers can claim for a full refund by calling Southwest Airlines through the toll-free number provided by the Airlines.

Southwest flight change ticket purchased with points

Southwest flight change tickets purchased with points can also be altered. A passenger needs to follow the ‘No Show Policy’ where any changes made must be notified within 10 minutes before the departure of the flight to the Airline. The full credit of the points will be credited to the account of the passenger.

Southwest Airlines flight change 24-hour policy

Southwest Airlines flight change policy states that when changes are made 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight then no charge is levied upon the passenger.

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