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How to Change A flight on Eva Air?

To continue with the flight change process in Eva Air, the Airlines allows different methods such as online through the website, offline through the toll-free number, Airlines’s ticket counter or self Kiosk Tower. Read to know more about it below on how to change flight in Eva Air.

Eva Air flight change through the online method

  • Visit the official website of Eva Air, through a web browser.
  • Next, log in to the account by providing details of username and password.
  • Then go to the ‘Manage My Trips’ section.
  • Provide details of the passenger’s last name and the confirmation code to the blank box.
  • Then, continue by selecting ‘Change flight options.
  • Proceed with the changes that need to be carried out and check again before submitting.
  • If there is a difference in fare then, continue with the payment option.
  • Finally, after the confirmation, the modified ticket will be sent to the registered address provided by the passenger.

Thus, by following the above steps Eva Air flight change can be done by the online method.

Eva Air flight change through the offline method

Eva Air flight change offline method provides a toll-free number to continue with any changes in the flight by the passengers. This number is available 24/7 and the representatives of the Airlines are ready to assist in whatever possible way to proceed with the flight change. Passengers seeking flight change must provide details of their booking number, name, etc to the airline staff to continue with the process of flight change.

Eva Air flight change through the Airport counter.

Looking forward to the convenience of the passengers Eva Air flight change can also be carried out through the Airlines’s Airport counter. The staff present therein will help in the process of flight change for the passengers. The passenger needs to carry the ticket in order to perform the flight change through the Airport ticket counter.

Eva Air flight change through the Kiosk Tower

Eva Air has introduced the Kiosk Tower at the Airport for flight change to its passengers. This self-service machine is set up to provide hassle-free at the ticket counter for passengers wishing to change the flight. Details of the passenger must be fed to the machine to continue with the changes and the ticket will be printed out after the payment process gets over.

Eva Air flight change policy

Like other Airlines, Eva Air has its own set of rules for the flight change. This policy is discussed below. Read to know more.

  • Changes in flight done after 24-hours of the purchase of the ticket will result in the flight change fee depending on the route and the fares of the ticket.
  • Changes in flight done within 24-hours of purchase will not be subjected to any flight change fee by the Eva Air.
  • Eva Air flight change policy permits changes in name, date, flight and other modifications.
  • If there is an emergency issue due to which changes in the flight have to be carried out by the passenger, Eva Air waives off change flight fee.
  • Eva Air flight change policy also permits a change in seats. Passengers can wish for their desired seats. The difference in fare if any will be charged as change fee by the Airlines.

Hence, the policies of Eva Air mentioned above will prove beneficial while opting for the flight change.

Eva Air flight change fee

Eva Air flight change fee for refundable and non-refundable tickets are mentioned below. 

Eva Airlines flight change fee for refundable tickets.

  • Changes in flight made after 24-hours of the departure of the flight for refundable tickets is subjected to change fee by Eva Air.
  • Under any emergency issue by the passenger, Eva Air will waive off the flight change fee, provided the passenger submits the relevant documents related to the cause.
  • If in a case under any circumstance Eva Air changes the flight, then a full refund can be claimed by the passengers.

Eva Airlines flight change fee for Non-Refundable tickets

To pursue the flight change in Eva Air for non-refundable tickets under the stipulated time mentioned by the Airlines, 50USD to 400 USD is charged for proceeding with the name change, flight change, etc. It solely depends on the mode and reason for the change.

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