Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy

Cathay Pacific permits flight to cancel through different methods such as online by visiting the website and the official mobile application of the Airlines, offline through the toll-free number provided by the Airlines, the Airlines’s ticket counter and also the ticketing agents. Know more about the different methods of the flight change process in Cathay Pacific Airlines.

Cathay Pacific flight cancel online method.

  • Visit the official website of the Airlines, through any web browser.
  • Then log in to the account by providing details of username and password.
  • At the top of the web page, click on the ‘Travel’ tab.
  • Under the ‘Travel’ option, go for ‘My Trips’.
  • Then, proceed with a click on the ‘My Trips’ tab.
  • Proceed further with the flight that is to be cancelled.
  • Then review the booking.
  • Continue with the ‘Cancel Ticket’ option.
  • Then, pay the difference in amount if any.
  • Finally, proceed further by approving the selection

Thus, with the help of the above method, the cancellation of flight in Cathay Pacific Airlines can be carried out. For cancellation of flight through the mobile app, follow the similar steps mentioned above but the app must be downloaded first.

Cathay Pacific flight cancel Offline method.

Cathay Pacific Airlines flight cancel can be done through an offline method by the toll-free number provided by the Airlines. This number 1 855 781 7104 is available 24/7 for its passengers with any queries relating to flight cancellation procedures. The airline representatives with friendly behavior are always ready to assist in the process of the cancellation of the flight.

Cathay Pacific flight cancel through the ticket counter.

Cathay Pacific flight cancel through the Airlines’s ticket counter is permissible to its passengers. This Airlines staff present therein will assist in the process of the cancellation of flight in Cathay Pacific Airlines. Passengers need to carry their ticket along with them to produce it at the counter. Furthermore, tickets can also be cancelled through the ticket agents in a similar manner.

Cathay Pacific Airlines flight cancel refund policy

To proceed with the refund process, the online refund form needs to be filled which is available on the website. As per the policy, 2 years is mentioned for a refund to be claimed and a validity of 24 months from the date of issue is permitted if the tickets are not used. After the expiry of the term, Cathay Pacific Airlines will not initiate any refund to the passenger. 150$ is charged for unused tickets and 150$ for partially used tickets which do not include Economy Save and Economy Standard Fares and if the ticket gets expired then 200$ is charged by the Airlines. Online mode is only applicable for claiming the refund. In some cases, Nonuser fee is exempted if the passenger informs about the cancellation of the flight due to unavoidable circumstances 24-hours prior to the departure of the flight with relevant documents to  Cathay Pacific Airlines.

Cathay Pacific flight change 24-hour policy.

Cathay Pacific Airlines 24-hour flight change policy states that if cancellation is done within 24-hours of the initial purchase of the tickets and 7 days before the scheduled departure of the flight, then no charge is levied upon the passenger. The amount will be refunded within 7 to 20 business working days depending on the mode of payment done at the time of booking. This cancellation policy is applicable to both refundable and nonrefundable tickets. Tickets booked through travel agents can also be claimed for a refund through them under the 24-hour flight cancel policy of Cathay Pacific Airlines.

Flight Cancellation by Cathay Pacific

When a flight is cancelled by the Cathay Pacific Airlines, it provides compensation in the form of free food, drinks etc. Passengers can also call the customer service to arrange for a different flight. A full refund can be claimed through the official website by filling up the online form of Cathay Pacific Airlines.

Whereas, if a flight is cancelled by Cathay Pacific under unavoidable circumstances then, no compensation or refund is provided to the passengers. The Airlines will inform about the flight cancellation and passengers can immediately seek the refund or opt for another flight without any additional cost.

Cathay Pacific flight cancel compensation policy

Flight delayed for 4 hours.

If the flight is delayed by Cathay Pacific Airlines for more than 4 hours then, the Airlines will provide for free two telephone calls, fax, emails, drinks etc with no additional cost from the passenger.

Flight delayed for 24-hours.

If the flight is delayed for more than 24-hours then Cathay Pacific Airlines provides accommodation and transportation from the Airport to the Hotel.

Flight delayed for 5 hours.

A full refund will be initiated by the Cathay Pacific Airlines within 7 to 20 working days depending on the mode of the payment made by the passenger. If payment has been done by credit card then, it takes 7 working days to get refunded to the account of the passenger.

Flight arranged by not more than 4 hours

If the arrival time of the flight is not exceeded by 4 hours for arranging a flight by Cathay Pacific Airlines then, 50% compensation on the total fare is paid by the Airlines.

Hence, with the above information on compensation can be claimed by the passengers while opting for a flight cancel process in Cathay Pacific Airlines.

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