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AIM Mail On iPhone

Do you need to set AIM mail on your iPhone but facing problems in its settings? Well, no need to worry, we are here with an easy step-by-step guide to help you. The elaborate steps for iPhone will help you. If AIM mail is not working on an iPhone, you also have an option to use the settings overview with the IMAP and pop3 server email settings for the AIM mail iPhone. Hence, without further ado, let’s get started.

To set AIM mail iPhone, you need to type in the POP / IMAP incoming server. You are also required to set the incoming port as 143. In the SSL (security) incoming, type none. For the outgoing server option, enter and then, set the outgoing port as 25. And, then finally enter yes in the required sign-in option.

AIM Mail Server Settings For iPhone

Here’s a step-wise guide which will help you in setting up AIM mail iPhone:

  1. To configure AIM mail on iPhone, you have to open ‘Settings’. Click on the option of ‘Passwords & accounts’ and then proceed by hitting on the ‘Add account’ option.

    In the AIM mail app iPhone, if your provider’s name is listed, then click on it. If it isn’t available there, then no issues, you can continue by clicking on ‘Other’

  2. After you have selected ‘Add mail account’, you have to enter the following information: You need to fill all your details correctly. First fill your name and then enter your AIM mail email address, continue by entering your password which you can easily remember. Also, don’t forget to save the password so you don’t have to face trouble when you forget it. Last but not the least, you have to describe yourself. Fill your personal description in the description option available. Here’s an example below for better understanding.

    Name:- Your own name
    Email:- Your AIM mail email address
    Password:- Your AIM mail email password
    Description:- a personal description

  3. choose IMAP

    Next, you have to choose IMAP and then continue by entering the below-mentioned details under ‘Incoming mail server’: In the hostname, enter and then fill in your username and password correctly.

  4. Then

    Then, you have to enter the details under the  ‘Outgoing mail server’ option. After filling in the hostname, enter username and password correctly. After finishing it, you have to hit the ‘next’.

  5. Email’ and then click

    Check your ‘Email’ and then click ‘Save’. Now, as the email account is saved, the next process is to check if the settings are entered correctly.

  6. First of all, click on your email address and then choose ‘Advanced’. Check if the following information has been filled correctly under ‘Incoming Server’:

    Use SSL: on
    Identity check: password
    Server port: 143

  7. Now, go back to the previous screen and check all the details filled in the ‘Outgoing server’. For this, you have to click on

    Use SSL: on
    Identity check: password
    Server port: 25

  8. Done

    Click on the ‘Done’ option available at the top right corner. Now, restart the iPhone to activate all the settings.

Congratulations! We have configured the AIM mail server settings iPhone.

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